Serving the cannabis industry in jurisdictions with legal medical and adult-use cannabis markets

K&M is a boutique law firm that has been serving the cannabis industry since 2015. Our practice is dedicated to cannabis law, which means the majority of our clients operate in or ancillary to the cannabis industry. Our attorneys have the tools and experience necessary to advise clients about issues ranging from evolving local, state and federal laws, regulatory compliance, financial services, business operations, team-assembly, drafting license applications to civil forfeiture and criminal law to contract drafting and negotiation.

The East Coast is the next frontier for the infectious cannabis industry.

The green fever has spread up and down the shoreline, with thriving medical cannabis programs operating in D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania. As industry counsel, K&M has worked with state licensed cannabis companies, medical caregivers, patients, ancillary cannabis service providers, industrial hemp companies and recreational cannabis entrepreneurs. In short, the cannabis industry has produced a fresh, quasi-legal, structurally fragile, rapidly expanding area of law, and we offer a fresh approach to counsel.

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State regulatory schemes in the cannabis industry are nuanced and constantly evolving. The mid-Atlantic region has embraced the cannabis industry with Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and the District of Columbia all passing legislation legalizing medical cannabis, creating a competitive market.

K&M represents clients at any stage of the application process and extending well after licensure.

We want your cannabis business to be licensed and remain in compliance with the rapidly changing legal landscape. Our mission is to ensure your continuing success in the cannabis industry.

K&M also acts as outside general counsel for cannabis-touching businesses such as extraction labs, CBD topical manufactures, medical cannabis dispensaries and ancillary service providers like security companies that operate in the cannabis space. K&M can assist with any stage of business development for cannabis-touching start-ups.


Legal Services Include:

  • License application preparation and filing
  • Regulatory compliance at all stages
  • Representation before any regulatory body in each jurisdiction regarding licensing or compliance issues
  • Employee and agent registration and licensure
  • Caregiver and patient registration
  • Civil issues facing cannabis business owners
  • Review and preparation of cannabis investor agreements
  • Team assembly
  • Banking compliance
  • Civil and criminal liability risk assessment
  • Civil forfeiture

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Where Can you Find Us?


In 2014, Maryland legalized medical cannabis and created the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to oversee all licensing, patient registration, inspection and testing measures related to the medical cannabis program. There are currently 16 licensed growers, 17 licensed processors and 82 licensed dispensaries. The Commission is expected to award an additional 4 grower and 10 processor licenses on September 26, 2019.

Washington, DC

The District’s medical cannabis program, which was implemented in 2013 is administered by the D.C. Department of Health. There are currently 7 dispensaries, and 8 cultivation centers licensed under the program. D.C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser, is expected to introduce legislation known as the Safe Cannabis Sales Act of 2019, which, if passed, would create a regulated, adult-use cannabis market in the Nation’s capital.


In March 2019, Virginia passed legislation removing many barriers to industrial hemp processing in the state. In Summer 2019, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) issued a series policy regarding the production and sale of products containing hemp-derived extracts, including CBD, that are intended for human consumption. The newly settled VDACS policy will regulate Hemp Extracts as a approved food additives, under its Food Safety Program.


Florida boasts one of the fastest growing medical cannabis markets in the nation. The Florida Supreme Court may soon decide a case that could accelerate the growth of the market even more. Currently, Florida’s medical cannabis regulations require that all of its licensees are vertically integrated. However, a legal challenge to the vertical integration requirement, which has the backing of Governor DeSantis, may end the system entirely and as a result allow for more medical cannabis licenses. Additionally, the Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services is drafting rules for commercial industrial hemp cultivators and processors.

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United States

Nationally, 33 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam have enacted laws which legalize medical and/or adult-use cannabis. Of these 33 states and 3 territories - 9 (including the District and Guam) have legalized adult-use cannabis. Though all forms cannabis (excluding industrial hemp) remain illegal under federal law, there are currently multiple bills before Congress any of which, if passed, could significantly change federal cannabis policies.