July 1st is the start of DC's final limited application period for medical cannabis retailers - licenses are limited.
All businesses not registered with ABCA will be at risk of enforcement.
K&M is currently helping D.C. conditional licensees open shop in 2024.

Navigating Maryland’s Cannabis Industry: A Guide for Businesses and Individuals

Maryland’s cannabis industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the establishment of the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) as the new regulatory authority. As your trusted advisors in the cannabis space, Kinner & McGowan are thrilled to share the latest developments and opportunities that lie ahead for entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals looking to venture into the flourishing cannabis market.

Exciting Changes in Maryland’s Cannabis Landscape

Effective July 1, 2023, Maryland residents aged 21 and above can purchase cannabis from licensed dispensaries, marking a new era of legal cannabis access for adults. With this landmark change, the MCA has taken charge as the regulatory body responsible for overseeing all aspects of the cannabis industry in the state.

Comprehensive Support from the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA)

The MCA is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to individuals interested in obtaining new cannabis licenses. Their role extends beyond regulation to include outreach, training, and guidance throughout the application process. This ensures that prospective license holders have access to the necessary resources and information to navigate the complex regulatory landscape successfully.

Find out more here: www.mmcc.maryland.gov/Pages/home.aspx 

Key Dates for Cannabis License Applications

If you are considering entering Maryland’s cannabis industry, it’s crucial to stay informed about the application periods for new adult-use cannabis licenses. Here are tentative dates to remember:

  1. Fall 2023: The 30-day application period opens for social equity applicants applying for standard and micro cannabis licenses
  2. Fall 2023: The MCA diligently reviews the applications and conducts a lottery to determine the Round 1 applicant awards. 
  3. Spring 2024: Round 1 applicants eagerly await notification from the MCA regarding the outcome of their applications. 
  4. Summer 2024: Round 2 application period commences for standard and micro cannabis licenses, offering a second chance for individuals and businesses to join Maryland’s thriving cannabis industry.

License Opportunities and Categories

During Round 1, the MCA will be granting various licenses to facilitate the diverse needs of the industry. These licenses include:

– 20 grower licenses 🌱

– 40 processor licenses 🔬

– 80 dispensary licenses 🏪

In addition, micro licenses will also be available, offering opportunities to smaller-scale operations:

– 30 micro grower licenses 🌱

– 30 microprocessor licenses 🔬

– 10 micro dispensary licenses 🏪

– 10 incubator space licenses 🚀

Kinner & McGowan – Your Guide to Maryland’s Evolving Cannabis Industry

Kinner & McGowan is D.C.’s original cannabis law firm in the DMV that helps individuals and businesses navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with evolving local, state, and federal regulations. 

Call us today at 202-846-7148 or email mkinner@kinnermcgowan.com and jmcgowan.@kinnermcgowan.com to discuss your legal needs and explore opportunities in Maryland’s evolving cannabis industry.

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