Learn more about K&M’s compliance products and services.

Medical cannabis pre-licensing services

Pricing contingent on jurisdiction.

Application drafting and management for medical cannabis teams including dispensaries, cultivation facilities, processing facilities, independent testing labs and transporters.

Medical cannabis pre-licensing services

  • Individualized compliance services based on the company’s needs
  • Employee training and registry
  • Managing state facility inspections and audits

Maryland Medical Provider Registration

Registering all medical providers with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Outside General Counsel Package

10 Hours

Select from Our Compliance Packages

Compliance packages do not include attorneys’ fees and expenses associated with litigation or representation at an administrative hearing. Compliance packages do not include any necessary governmental filing or licensing fees, postage and/or other administrative fees over which K&M has no control. K&M cannot guarantee government action or decision with respect to business licensure or certification. Representation as to criminal matters is not included in the scope of legal services. K&M attorneys are not business consultants or tax professionals.

Customized Risk Assessment and Legal Feasibility Memorandum:

K&M can draft a customized memorandum based on client’s specific business operations and product or service offerings. This memorandum is tailored to the specific needs of each client. The cost of this product includes an initial discovery session and subsequent consultations with client regarding any follow-up or explanations as to K&M’s analysis.

Client can allocate its monthly package hours to a wide range of legal services, including but not limited to:

  1. Ongoing Risk Assessment & Management – K&M can provide real time legal counsel to clients regarding day to day issues existing business operations. This includes drafting risk assessment memoranda, which address specific compliance issues customized to business operations.
  2. Contract Drafting & Review – K&M can draft and/or review general business contracts, including contracts with third-party vendors, employees and/or independent contractors, as well as commercial and residential leases.
  3. Due Diligence with Financial Institutions – K&M can draft any and all correspondence to payment processing companies or financial institutions relating to issues including, but not limited to, the freezing of funds, account suspension and alleged violations of user policies.   
  4.  Product Compliance – K&M can perform a compliance review of client’s existing product offerings and all new product launches. This includes analysis of product label language and packaging specifications as well as review of product pricing. This does not include financial projections or counsel regarding the profitability of a particular retail product or service.
  5. Business Regulatory Compliance & Management – K&M can correspond as needed with D.C. municipal agencies regarding any notices of infraction or other civil penalties and enforcement actions.  K&M will also prepare and file any necessary filings with the DCRA and other municipal agencies as needed.  This service does not include administrative hearings or appeals.  
  6. Legislative Updates – K&M will keep client informed of major legislative changes which affect client’s business.  Additionally, K&M will update client regarding changing federal and local law enforcement priorities.
  7. Website & Social Media Monitoring – K&M can review client’s website language, disclaimers and social media presence for compliance related issues. This review includes client’s existing website and any newly developed websites or landing pages.
  8. Media Management – K&M can review the language of any company press releases and liaise with the media regarding forthcoming features as well redactions or clarifications regarding published pieces.   
  9. Unlimited Email & Phone Communications – Client will not be billed for non-substantive emails or phone calls relating to K&M’s representation.
  10. Standard Operating Procedures Drafting & Review – K&M can draft comprehensive standard operating procedures for employees.  The standard operating procedures will include employee training materials and procedures and protocol for interacting with law enforcement. If Client has existing standard operating procedures, K&M can review the existing operating procedures and update as necessary to reflect changes in business operations.
  11. Business Related Disputes – K&M can draft correspondence including, but not limited to, demand letters, settlement agreements, pre-litigation notices and cease and desist letters.  K&M can also represent company in arbitration or settlement negotiations.
  12. Discounted Hourly Rates – Once a client meets its hour limit, client is eligible for legal services at a discounted hourly rate on an as needed basis.   
  13. Miscellaneous Legal Services – K&M can perform any other legal services associated with general business operations. 

Our mission is simple – to provide totally transparent and efficient representation to each of our clients. We are not big law. As a boutique law firm, K&M is able to establish a close relationships with each of our clients, as well as offer customized legal services at a cost that is tailored to their specific needs and budget. We establish these relationships by limiting our caseload, which allows us to provide all of our clients with personalized attorney attention and access.


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