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Virginia soon to be issuing permits to produce and dispense cannabis oils

Virginia lawmakers in 2017 passed legislation to allow patients with epilepsy to purchase CBD oil or THC-A oil from a licensed pharmaceutical processor. The oils must contain 15% CBD or 15% THC-A, and no more than 5% THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. In 2018, lawmakers expanded the scope of the legislation to increase access [...]

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Maryland may end cannabis prohibition

The Maryland House is currently considering Maryland House Bill 1264 (the “Bill”) that, if passed, would offer voters this November the chance to pass a ballot initiative amending the state constitution to legalize the recreational possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis by adults. The Bill would permit possession of up to one ounce of marijuana [...]

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D.C. may make its medical marijuana program more accessible

The D.C. Council is currently reviewing the Medical Marijuana Improvement Act (the “Act”); a bill introduced in September 2017 that, if passed, would completely reform the District’s medical marijuana program. The Act would dramatically increase District residents’ access to medical marijuana by removing waiting periods and allowing same-day registration. The current application process for a [...]

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Medical to Recreational: Here is what you should know about the cannabis laws in the DMV

Thirty states and the District of Columbia currently have laws which legalize cannabis for either medical or adult-use. It is important to draw a distinction between these two iterations of legalized cannabis. States with medical cannabis programs allow state licensed cultivation facilities and dispensaries to grow and sell medical grade cannabis to qualifying patients. In [...]

K&M on NPR: Cannabis Crackdown? Marijuana ‘Gifting’ Events Draw The Attention Of D.C. Authorities

“If I’m selling you a t-shirt — I mean, I can go into a store and buy a $42 t-shirt, that’s not unheard of — and I get some cannabis, that would as legitimate a transaction as we can have in the gray area. Now if I went in and bought a sticker, on its [...]

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An Overview of Medical Cannabis for Maryland Physicians

Vincent A. Dongarra On December 1, 2017, Maryland’s medical cannabis program reached a major milestone. The first legal cannabis dispensaries in Maryland opened, putting the final piece of the state’s medical cannabis system into place. Other parts of the system were already in place, including a registry of patients and physicians, operated by the Maryland [...]

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Is Crypto Currency a Good Fit for the Cannabis Industry?

Jeff Sessions’ move to rescind Obama era Department of Justice (DOJ) policies regarding state sanctioned cannabis entities is unlikely to have the outsized impact on the industry that Sessions hoped for. Industry watchers overwhelmingly predict that Sessions’ call for a “return to law and order” will actually galvanize popular support, which may, push the next [...]

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R.I.P Cole Memo: 2013 -2018
(the death of reasonable marijuana policy)

On the 4th of January, 2018, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in our divided country killed a marijuana enforcement policy memorandum named Cole with a felt pen. The murder was committed on federal land, with public safety and rule of law as motives. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not limit his bureaucratic onslaught to the [...]

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Yet another cannabis bill in Congress

On July 28, 2017, Rep. Suzan Delbene, a Dem. from Washington State, introduced the State Marijuana and Regulatory Tolerance (SMART) Enforcement Act.  The SMART Enforcement Act would amend the Controlled Substances Act, to prohibit federal enforcement of marijuana offenses in a state that: (1) certifies to the DOJ that it has legalized marijuana, (2) demonstrates [...]

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Dirty Green Dollars

In the U.S., legal cannabis, medical and recreational, is a multibillion dollar industry which deals almost exclusively in cash. In 2016, the industry generated approximately 7.9 billion dollars in revenue and is on pace to exceed that amount in 2017. That is a whole lot of cash. The disconnect between states and the Fed regarding [...]