Virginia soon to be issuing permits to produce and dispense cannabis oils

Virginia lawmakers in 2017 passed legislation to allow patients with epilepsy to purchase CBD oil or THC-A oil from a licensed pharmaceutical processor. The oils must contain 15% CBD or 15% THC-A, and no more than 5% THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. In 2018, lawmakers expanded the scope of the legislation to increase access to patients with any diagnosed condition or disease that will benefit from such use, as determined by a medical practitioner licensed in Virginia. The Virginia Board of Pharmacy (the “Board”) will license five pharmaceutical processor facilities, which are permitted to grow and process the cannabis, and dispense the oils to patients. The application period for these licenses closed on June 8, 2018, and the Board of Pharmacy is expected to award conditional approvals to successful applicants by September 25, 2018. Once an applicant has been granted conditional approval, it will have one year to complete to build out its facility and obtain final approval from the Board.

By: John McGowan, Meredith Kinner and Andrew Gargano